Vehicle service management system project documentation

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Vehicle repair service business is all about the time and quality. Reduce service downtime and plan service recourses including mechanics and equipment. Vehicle service management system from Elva DMS ensures vehicle repair business functions and allows to manage entire organization using this one system.

vehicle service management system project documentation

Elva DMS for service management is designed to answer the following questions:. Centralize car service stations in your service network by managing all vehicle repair stations from one place.

Schedule service works and technicians for any garage at any location. Record spare parts and other materials across the service stations and within the central stock.

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Transfer items between services. Monitor the amount of stock materials as per location or exact date. The spare part management function allows the ordering of spare parts, centralized for all repair stations at any location.

Orders can be made automatically based on customer orders or warehouse inventory requisitions suggested by the system.

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Integration with spare part catalogues. Set service packages for a specific type of vehicle e. After completing the service quote, you automatically see the pre-defined works and materials needed for the repair work. Quick service document quote, order or invoice preparation with no need for double data entry. Use standard work time catalogue integration to speed up customer service with automatic job times. Service scheduling gives you the ability to plan equipment, mechanics and works in a graphic tool.

Analyze and compare the actual time for works to the time invoiced for the customer or standard times. Analyze the reasons why jobs and time planned at the beginning has changed. Get a report on specific spare part segments which are most often out of stock. You can indicate the reason code by yourself based on business specifics.

This will ensure greater predictability of your workshop resources that you can use to increase customer service levels. Mechanic work time registration gives exact information on spent time. Get a full service history and see the exact works carried out and the materials used for the car for the whole maintenance period. Service CRM customer relationship management allows segments to be made based on the required criteria service works or make of car, etc.

Keep multiple contacts for one vehicle and contact the right person in each situation. Register and give service guarantees separately for repair works and used materials. Or, make one guarantee certificate for all the maintenance work, including jobs and spare parts. Make long-term contracts with car or vehicle owners and schedule their maintenance works automatically.

Support customers with loyalty discounts on specific spare part groups or set up a special price on an exact item or labor. Get full service, customer and spare part management integration for financial accounting information.

Receive financial reportsnotifications about outstanding debts and BI Business Intelligence reports. Use hand-held devices or other mobile device car damage diagnostics. Take photos and fill out the damage checklist. This information goes directly to the Elva DMS system. Make service quotes on the way or pick up spare parts from the stock by scanning items and creating and order or invoice. Effective and convenient auto repair services to attract and maintain a loyal customer base.

Starting from:. Contact for offer.The main aim of developing this Vehicle Service. Vehicle tracking. See more: Vehicle tracking system The most basic function in all fleet management systems, is the vehicle tracking component. This component is. Before selling, the vehicle.

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Vehicle Maintenance Software is a computerized vehicle log book which helps you track required and completed vehicle maintenance and more. Net web based application is to provide better solution for vehicle sales showroom. The previous. Fleet management software solution is a cost effective online vehicle analysis tool suite to manage and monitor fleet vehicle performance and costs.

Vehicle Maintenance System — VOSA approved software for defect reporting, inspection planning and workshop control for coach, bus and truck operators.

The purpose of vehicle maintenance management is to come up with the best possible way to maintain and service a vehicle.

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It is possible to work out the details …. Chapter 8 Customer query management system Security. Customer query management system project Report. Feasibility Report - Consumer query management system project. Estate Agent Management System project report. Web Based Claim Processing system project report. Before selling, the vehicle Vehicle Maintenance Software is a computerized vehicle log book which helps you track required and completed vehicle maintenance and more.Though the Smart Club Suite suits the needs of a club and comprehensively covers almost all the activities of a club, yet, it does not have any module to hold records of the employees of a club.

It, therefore, also misses out the facility of generating payrolls of the employees. This could then be extended to link into a computerized accounts system.

Car Showroom Management System. Seal Report. ATN Store. UBIQ Mobile. The users would need to improve their knowledge of working in a network environment so that they could troubleshoot problems quite common in a network environment. This would obviously reduce their felt need of external assistance.

Above and beyond this, they should have good keyboard skills for that they would have no problem entering data and learning how to use the system. Related Projects. India has seen a rising fashion of clubs and societies in past few years and this trend is becoming more high-flying and mature. The manual system of data processing and record keeping is error prone, labour intensive and thus costly. It requires a lot of paper handling which further requires proper storage facilities. Moreover, this modus operandi adversely affects the smooth functioning of the organization.

The Smart Club Suite helps in a great deal, to reduce manual labour of collecting and piling up data for later references, which is very often difficult to maintain, because of overwork or misplace of collected information.

This is a live project which This system also figures out the human engineering considerations ergonomics which, in turn, has resulted in a user friendly, menu-driven Graphical User Interface. This system simplifies the upholding of large amount of data and the speed of processing is off the capacity of any manual system. It minimizes the time and efforts of the user with efficiency.

It is possible at any point of time to extend the software to stand at ceremony. This project is developed in such a way that any implementation or extension can be done easily. With so many outstanding features, it is expected that the proposed system Smart Club Suite would find its use in clubs.

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vehicle service management system project documentation

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B Tech CS project on airline ticket booking system. BCA project on. BCA project on Airline ticket booking system.The Vehicle Management Software is a system providing management functions which allows companies to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicles owned by the companies.

PHP and MySQL Project on Car Service Center Management

Our Vehicle Management software is not restricted to managing the individual vehicles, but includes the daily management of vehicles, fuel and services, drivers, etc. In this project, passenger can login and know about the bus route information. And also ticket booking and payment process can be done through online. The data is secured very efficiently.

This proposed system is very useful for the operators and passengers. This avoids the overheads for the operators. WhatsApp Share Tweet. Phone Number:. Any information is useful if it is available on the right time. Quick and correct information at the right time needs computerization.

It provides a feature of random chat between Both server and Chat We studied the working of orkut in detail and tried to extract important features in our project. Basically our project works on You can also search for particular passenger number, check status of reserved tickets etc Employee Work Management System This system makes the process of scheduling much easier and computerized.

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Social Networking Website Project. Vehicle Showroom Management System Project. Project Report Spam Email Java. Bus Ticket Booking System Project. Online Examination System Project.Post a Comment. Want to Create website like this. Join our Team Terms of use Contact Me. Car rental management system is an autonomous system which will preserve the records of the all the cars available, cars rented etc. The user can rent a car based on its efficiency, performance, effort or cost.

The dealer can make a lot of use of this system by providing the cars. Also check other computer science projects. Car rental management system. Let me tell me you the personal experience why I feel the car rental management system is necessary.

The other day I was travelling to Saharanpur a small city in north India from my home town. When I de-boarded on the railway station of Saharanpur. I was looking for a vehicle which can drive me to my final destination. I could not find any taxi soon. After some time, one taxi driver stopped.

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But this was not my day. He was asking for more than double price of original one. It was getting late; I had no other option so I had to take that ride. But still that was not it. After travelling some distance, the tire got punctured. This added more delay and more pain to my suffering journey. I could not attend my meeting and suffered a big loss due to that.So the main point of this scenario is posting the vehicle from a fixed asset to a current asset. While executing the process, the dealer can manually maintain the vehicle business transaction type, which means, the vehicle can be set as a new or used vehicle to sell to the customer.

This scenario shows the process of new vehicle sales. Vehicle showroom management system is ideal for dealers or resellers of any size. The vehicle showroom control panel can be installed on any Operating System.

Vehicle Service Management System

The product features include: easy stock inventory updates, full user management, photograph uploads, image optimization, marketing reports, and easy installation. This software does not require special templates, frames, coding, or server-side technology. Creating a New Vehicle — In this step, the branch dealer creates a vehicle.

Creating Purchase Order — In this step, the branch dealer purchases the vehicle from the Company. Receiving the Vehicle — I n this step, the branch dealer creates a goods receipt. A vehicle has an identification number, which is unique for each vehicle.

Vehicle Management System in JAVA (Computer Project)

You can also assign external number, which is from the vehicle manufacturer. Creating Vehicle Registration Data — In this step, you will create the registration data for the vehicle. Checking Vehicle Master — In this step, the dealer checks the vehicle status. Assigning the Vehicle to the Customer — The dealer assigns the vehicle to the customer.

Creating Vehicle Sales Order — In this step, you will create vehicle sales order to the customer who wants to buy the vehicle. Checking the Output of Vehicle Data Sheet — In this step, you can find the output of vehicle data sheet. Checking the Output of Sales Confirmation — In this step, you can find the output of sales confirmation.

Creating Service Order — In this step, you will create a service order to prepare for vehicle. This service would not charge to customer, however, the service should be record by dealer.

Creating Billing Document — In this step, you can create the billing document for the customer. Checking the Output of Billing Document — In this step, you can find the output of the billing document. Hi sir i am interested in your project i have more then 5 year exp of. I can give project report and complete source code. Complete project and project report is uploaded in this site. Please check last months article. Please sir can i get the project Vehicle showroom management system SRSi will be thankful to you.

vehicle service management system project documentation

Vehicle showroom management system project source code is already uploaded in this website. Please provide me the link from where i will be able to download vehicle shoroom management system SRS.

Please sir can i get the project Vehicle showroom management system SRS ,and source code in which front end shold be c. My email id is : apurv. Please send requirements to freestudentprojects.